RAWR Chocolate | How & why dairy free chocolate just melts in the mouth August 30 2016

The Dawn of RAWR...

One cloud covered summer, several years ago, an idea was conceived in a kitchen in Cambridge to find the yummiest raw chocolate the world has ever tasted. We searched far and wide for a flavour to tickle our tastebuds without naughty sugars and additives, but alas, could not find what we looked for.

Disappointed, we returned to our kitchen and an idea was born. Let’s make our own!

We set about the task with an industrious madness, experimenting with this flavour and that, throwing together concoctions that would fizz, pop, melt and sometimes explode (yes that happens).

Many a night was spent up covered in chocolate, and still, we hadn’t found our holy grail of confection. This alchemy was something new and different but like anyone with a dream, we didn’t give up.

Then one Sunday evening, when our walls were thick with chocolate and our eyes drooped from sleepless nights, something beautiful happened. The first Rawr chocolate bar was born and with it, that perfect flavour we had been searching for.


A Venture...

Such a miracle could not be kept to ourselves, so we took Rawr to market (literally, to the Cambridge market). Chocolate lovers flocked in their droves to witness this raw miracle. They had all been searching for the same thing: a healthier way to enjoy their favourite delight, a sophisticated treat for their dinner table and something exciting in their handbag.


Our fans have one thing in common: they care about their health, yet love treating themselves to the good things in life.

As our popularity grew, new flavours were born. Goji Berry & Vanilla is the decadent member of the family while our Orange bar has wings of its own! With a flavour for every palate and a commitment to well-being, our Rawr bars fulfilled their purpose of spreading raw joy in the world.

As for us? We did what we set out to, but the journey had just begun...




Rawr is bringing its chocolatey goodness to independent food shops and supermarkets in the UK and Europe, with more exciting things to come. Look out for our bars or order online today. We would love to hear from you so get in touch to tell us which bar really makes you Rawr


Since then....


Rawr Orange and Mint bars have each been awarded a star in 2016’s Great Taste Awards!

We’re especially delighted because Great Taste is a prestigious food award. It’s widely acknowledged as the most respected food accreditation scheme for artisan and speciality food producers. Products are judged by numerous groups of taste experts, and the focus is on taste alone. Which is just as it should be — organic, free-from chocolate should be a delicious experience, regardless of its other virtues!


Here’s what the judges had to say:



  • “Very crisp for a raw chocolate. It looks very traditional, similar to a normal bar.”
  • “An interesting mix of flavours with a hint of orange. A good smooth texture. It finishes well with a really interesting, lingering flavour.”


  • “The chocolate had a good snap and nice colour. It was clean in the mouth and had a well-judged sweetness.”