Paleo Guilt Free Cake Mixture

Ugg Foods’ aim is to encourage natural, healthy eating whilst still offering delicious treats. Ugg makes natural eating easy. The Ugg inventors are constantly trying to create new quick mix kits and foods to cater for those restricted by allergies, intolerances or just choosing a more natural, healthy way of eating. Our fast-growing range will open up a world of new dishes for you to enjoy without hunting down specialist ingredients or even needing to be a talented cook.

All Ugg products are gluten free, grain free, dairy free, soya free, yeast free, additive free, low glycaemic (or low GI), diabetic friendly, have no added sugar and are tooth friendly. They are all Paleo diet and Caveman diet conforming. Ugg foods offer a much lower carb solution than similar mainstream products. We always strive to make our products low salt, use the best ingredients available and, when possible, use organic ingredients. Our manufacturing partners are selected to avoid cross-contamination with gluten grains.